Hansen Fontana specializes in the latest hair replacement techniques, along with the latest non-invasive skin care treatments available.

Founded in 1960, Hansen Fontana has perfected the most advanced method of hair replacement available today! The company's owners, Kim and Thomas Norman, and their professionally trained staff strive to deliver the best customer service and quality. Their studio is located in the city's South of Market district, on Bryant Street near Third.

Our neighbors: the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Moscone Center, the Metreon (a high-tech Sony entertainment center), boutiques, theaters, galleries, restaurants and PacBell baseball stadium.

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Thomas Norman: Read a short biography on Thomas Norman, co-owner of Hansen Fontana.

Kim Norman: Read a short biography on Kim Norman, co-owner of Hansen Fontana.

Salon of the Year: Read what the National Hair Journal, the professional hair replacement and restoration authority says about Hansen Fontana in conferring their 1999 Salon of the Year Award.