The Key to any successful hair management program lies in the ability of making an in-depth analysis of your hair loss condition to aid in the selection of the solution most appropriate to your needs. In addition, an ongoing analysis to track the progress with each visit is essential to ensuring that success.

Hansen Fontana felt it necessary to acquire not one, but two computerized systems to assist in that determination. Each system is unique, in that it is designed for a specific stage of hair loss.

The First system, The Capillicare™ Hair and Scalp Analysis is a computerized system enabling a complete examination of the hair. The examination and report is designed for people in the early stages of hair loss where topical and scalp treatments may prove effective in slowing the natural process.

The Second system, The Mirror 2000 Aesthetic Imaging System is a computerized system designed for those whose hair loss is significant and cannot naturally regenerate hair they once had and consequently must turn to surgical and non-surgical hair replacement treatment methods. The Mirror 2000™ will guide you through a series of positive changes in your appearance featuring yourself in a variety of designs.

Hansen Fontana has invested heavily in technologies like these because we consider them fundamental to any serious hair management program.