Capillicare™ has enjoyed much success in Europe and has only recently become available in the U.S. Hansen Fontana is privileged to be one of the first hair studios to acquire this analyzer.

Capillicare is a complete system which enables a capillary and scalp diagnosis to be made by an accurate analysis of both hair and scalp. The information is drawn from various questionnaires (the analytical and nutritional) and a series of examinations and measurements. The Capillicare concept sets up a personal file for the client which describes the capillary state, supplies advice and the appropriate prescriptions in order to restore proper capillary balance and optimum hygiene.


I. Questionaire
     A. The Analytic Questionnaire   This questionnaire comprises fourteen separate pages of multiple choice questions assembled in an easy to answer, user friendly format. The questions deal with the general state of the hair and scalp. It also serves to help in developing a capillary profile of the person and the impacts of an eventual alopecia.
     B. The Dietary Questionnaire    This questionnaire comprises fifty nine pages. These pages are illustrated with color images for the choice of foods making the questions easily answered. It is a complete dietary investigation which enables a diagnosis regarding the lack of essential nutrients which are necessary for the growth of hair.

II. The Exams and Measurements
Equipped with a top technology, the Capillicare concept is designed around a work table including: a color video camera, the XY table of observation and a kit to measure the sebum rate. These elements enable a user to perform exams and measures such as:
      A. The Capilloscopy    The capilloscopy is an exam which enables a visual and direct observation of the hair and scalp of the client. Both the hair and scalp are directly projected on the screen. These images are compared to a data bank of images to make the diagnosis easier. The comparative results give the opportunity to follow the evolution of the capillary profile of the client.
      B. The Densitometry    The densitrometry is an exam of which enables a counting of the hair per square centimeter. The picture which appears on the screen enables the user to get an accurate count of the different kinds of bulbs (simple, double, triple). The number of hairs per square centimeter is automatically counted by the software. The exam can be done on 4 different areas of the scalp, which appear simultaneously on the screen. The comparative results allow for the accurate diagnosis of the client.
      C. The Sebum rate    The measurement of the sebum uses a three piece kit to determine the rate of sebum in the scalp: the lector, the slides and the applicator. The slide is applied to the scalp using the applicator which guarantees a similar pressure for all the measurements. The slide is placed in the lector, then the software automatically measures the amount of sebum from the sample on the slide.
      D. The Trichogram    The Trichogram is an exam which enables control of the cycle of the capillary growth. Some hair must be taken from the observed area then placed on a mobile plate. Using the video camera, these hairs are examined then classified according to their evolutionary stage (anagen, catagen, telogen). The software automatically counts the anagen/telogen ratio. As with the densitrometry, this exam can be performed on 4 areas of the scalp which appear on the screen. The comparative results give the user the opportunity to control the cycle of capillary growth of the client.
      E. The Phototrichogram    The phototrichogram is a scientific control of the capillary cycle. A small area of the scalp is shaved (1/2 of a square centimeter) and the user takes a picture of the sample with the video camera. Three days later another photo is taken of the sample area. When the two images are superimposed, the user obtains the anagen/telogen ratio. Hair which have grown are in the anagen stage whereas those which have not grown are in the telogen stage.
      F. The Camera    The Capillicare concept is equipped with a color video camera with 80x zoom. Different lenses are available for different observation needs. The camera can take a direct view on the scalp or view hair which is on the mobile plate, as in the trichogram.
      G. XY Table    The XY table is a guide on which the camera is placed for the observation and analysis of the hair placed on the mobile plate.
      H. The Sebum meter    The sebum meter is the kit for measuring the rate of sebum. It is comprised of a lector (located above the joystick), an applicator and slides used for the hair analysis. The slide is directly applied on the scalp, thanks to the applicator which secures a similar pressure to the whole measures. Once the slide has been introduced into the lector, the measure is automatically done by the software.

III. Advice and Prescriptions
The Capillicare concept summarizes the answers given for the questionnaires and the results of the measurements. A complete report is generated for the client by the software.
This report includes a health and beauty capillary prescription with a list of products specially adapted for the capillary profile of the client.
     A. The client report    The client report contains two parts: the results of the exams and measurements in the form of color images.
       1. Personalized comments and advice according to the capillary profile of the client.
       2. For each part, general information is given before speaking with the client and the precise needs of the client.
     B. The prescriptions    Developed by a scientific team specializing in the capillary field, the product line includes several products which optimize the capillary state of the client. This product line is sold exclusively by Hansen Fontana following the presentation of the Capillicare prescription.


Those who cannot naturally regenerate hair they once had may turn to surgical and non-surgical hair replacement treatments. Results take time and different sessions may be needed for each. We at Hansen Fontana believe it is important to identify what the reasons are for your hair loss or thinning hair prior to attempting a solution.