In today's competitive job market, looking and feeling your best is a necessity. Our facials are designed to be both relaxing and results oriented, rejuvenating tired skin and renewing the blush of youth.

Facial Treatments
With today's advanced technology and the rediscovering of the value of essential oils and botanicals, there have never been so many options for healthy, younger looking skin. Our facials begin with a relaxing cup of tea. In order to ascertain the best facial for you, check with your esthetician. We guarantee your satisfaction with every skin care product and service that we offer. Our facial analysis and home care consultation is available at no charge.

European Cleansing Facial
This treatment is a European-style facial that includes deep pore cleansing, gentle exfoliation, steam, massage of the upper neck and shoulders, and a customized mask for your skin type.

Oxygenating Facial
Oxygen carries nourishment to our cells through the blood. This treatment increases the oxygen by a lengthy stimulating massage. A perfect treatment for smokers, people who are exposed to pollution, or people who work in places where there is recycled air. This helps protect the skin from free radical damage.

Lifting & Firming Facial w/Vitamin C
This treatment is perfect for lack-luster skin, skin that is losing its elasticity or oily skin. The high concentration of Vitamin C provides strong anti-oxidant and anti-free radical protection for the skin.

Eye Contour Treatments
Your choice of either anti-wrinkle or anti-puffy formula. This treatment can be used in conjunction with another facial treatment or can be performed alone.

Alpha-Hydroxy Acid Treatment
These face peeling treatments provide smoother skin, reduce the depth of wrinkles and fine lines, slow down sebaorrheic flow and reduce pigmentation spots. The complexion regains the pinkish color, characteristic of healthy skin.

Hot Mineral Mask
This mask slowly heats up to aid the penetration of treatment products applied to the face. It can be customized to your specific skin type.

Cold Seaweed Mask
This soothing and hydrating mask can be customized with any one of our treatment ampoules or essential oils, depending on your skin type.

Collagen Mask
This ultra-moisturizing treatment is perfect for dry or sun-damaged skin. It is also a great plump that skin prior to a special occasion. A great treatment for fine lines around the mouth and eyes.

Phyto-Aromatic Treatment
These treatments work extremely well as a single treatment, but dramatic results are achieved when a series of mask are performed. Three types are available, depending on your skin condition. Lifting, Normalizing or Anti-redness. This treatment product is left on the skin when you leave, and will continue to work, invisibly, for 6 hours. Clients are advised that these very effective treatments should be performed on a day when make-up doesn't need to be applied immediately following this treatment.

Home Care Purchase
Because home care is so important, we offer a 10% discount on facial products purchased with a facial treatment.