Numerous factors can contribute to the irregular loss of hair, including genetics, stress, diet, physical constitution, and hair and scalp conditions. One of the highest instances of hair loss and thinning hair can occur from the build-up of hair care products and debris.

Regular hair care products clean and treat hair, but some neglect the important needs of the scalp. Ingredients used in their formulation make your hair feel clean and look good, but these very ingredients are also slowly clogging hair follicles. Continuous use of these products may eventually zap the life out of scalp and hair...possibly leading to hair loss.

After a thorough examination of the problem several years ago, preliminary measures were taken to develop a revolutionary program and superior quality product line consisting entirely of ingredients recognized as safe in the cosmetic industry, for men and women of all ages - to give hair follicles a chance to return to their normal life cycle.

Hair Support™ has since evolved with the assistance of a consortium of cosmetology professionals, senior research scientists, formulation chemists, as well as one of the nation's top analytical laboratories. Among the distinguished personnel included in this consortium is Dr. John McCullough, Formulation Chemist for Product Development. Dr. McCullough began his career with Redken Laboratories, Inc. in California in 1970 as Director of Research and Development. In 1973, he became manager for product development for Alberto Culver, Co., and in 1974 joined Eli Lilly Co./Elizabeth Arden Laboratories, where he served in many capacities relating to Research and Development.

Years of meticulous Research and Development have gone into the creation of each Hair Support™ product. The Home Treatment System is developed for use along with the recommended techniques and accessory items that have been specially designed to help prevent unnecessary stress on scalp and hair.