Some things in life are beyond our control. Hair loss is one of them. And if hair loss is a concern of yours, we believe we have the solution. And, as no two people are alike - no one solution is best for everyone. Whether your choice is surgical or non-surgical, all avenues should be explored before making any decision on what is best for you.

Today's world is constantly changing. Techniques are being perfected, drugs developed and there is no longer one or two or even three choices in dealing with your hair loss.

Surgical procedures are far better than they once were. Gone are days of the "corn rows" and unsightly scars. If your preference is a surgical solution, we encourage you to begin at Hansen Fontana.

Hair systems are another area in which tremendous strides have been made in perfecting not only the hair systems but the means of securing it to your scalp. In today's world, the choices of securing your system are many and, while some are not right for everyone, their is one that's right for you. For more than forty years, Hansen Fontana has offered hair systems and hair augmentations for both men and women here in the bay area.

Scalp Treatments to improve the environment in which to grow hair are now also available. And, while they don't work for everyone, they may work for you.

And, if the medical community is to be believed, hope is extended that in the next five to ten years, a solution to end all hair loss can be found which may well end the debate of which alternative is best for you. Unfortunately, we have no guarantees as to when or in what form this final solution will take and if hair loss is a concern of yours now than now is the time to act.

Whatever your hair loss condition, however you wish to deal with it whether by surgical or non-surgical means, Hansen Fontana has the solution.