At Hansen Fontana, life reveals new possibilities. Every service and amenity - hair support, to hair augmentation, to European Facials, to an exquisite salt glow - is designed to heighten the senses, to make you more aware of living in the moment.

Here, amidst elegant surroundings, you can create a program custom-tailored to meet your goals for hair restoration, stress reduction and relaxation. You'll delight in a vast selection of services available. And you will appreciate the unobtrusive, yet attentive service of our expert staff at Hansen Fontana.

After experiencing Hansen Fontana's revitalizing programs and environment, you'll take home more than memories. You will leave with a genuine sense of well-being and new insights on how to cherish your life, rather than just live it.

In addition to hair restoration and skin care, Hansen Fontana offers several services for relaxation and reducing stress.

Salt Glow
A great treatment to have prior to tanning, sea salt is mixed with a hydrating massage oil, then rubbed over the body to rid it of dead skin cells.

Spa Bronzing Treatment
We suggest that you stay out of the sun, and we have an excellent way for you to have a luxurious tan, all year long. Your body will be gently exfoliated, and a fabulous French self-tanning product will be applied. You will receive the remainder of the bottle to take with you for home application.

Hand Treatment
AHA products are used to exfoliate your hands, followed by a warm paraffin dip, ending with a luxurious moisturizing cream.

Massage Therapy
Choose from Shiatsu, Swedish or Full Body Stress Release

Hair Removal
Our natural honey wax safely removes hair while discouraging new hair growth. We cleanse your skin both before and after your service.

Please inform us if you are using RetinA or Accutane before facial waxing. We recommend you consult your physician. Hair must be grown out to 1/4". We do not recommend ingesting alcohol or caffeine before any waxing service.

Prior to each Spa Service there will be a brief consultation so we may customize our program to best suit your individual needs.